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Orlauf Ambi

Recommended retail price: 270 €
Affordable exercise bike with high pedaling smoothness and high maximum load.
User weight
Flywheel weight
Loading system
Load levels
Training programs
86 44,5 140

A suitable simulator for keeping fit at home

Photo of the Orlauf Velocity Ambi exercise bike - for mobile device users
Orlauf Ambi is a vertical exercise bike with a magnetic loading system. The model has a flywheel weighing 9 kg, so it has excellent smoothness at any load level.

The console is powered by batteries. It displays all the training indicators, including pulse readings. There are touch sensors to measure the pulse. There is also a shelf for a smartphone on the console.

The Ambi model is suitable for almost all users due to its large maximum weight - up to 120 kg. A wide comfortable seat is installed, which is suitable for comfortable long-term workouts. The seat is adjustable vertically and horizontally, so the exercise bike is suitable for people of different height and build.

The pedals have a grooved non-slip sole and an adjustable strap. All this allows you to securely fix the foot, which is especially important during intensive training.

Orlauf Ambi is a silent and affordable exercise bike with a heavy flywheel. It is suitable for people of different height and weight both for keeping fit and for intensive classes.
Photo of the Orlauf Velocity Ambi exercise bike
Advantages and features of Ambi
All characteristics of the exercise bike

What Ambi can boast of

Orlauf Velocity Ambi Treadmill Engine

A heavy flywheel is installed.

Treadmill engine Orlauf Velocity Ambi
The weight of the Ambi flywheel is 9 kg. The heavy flywheel provides an excellent maximum load for intensive training. Another advantage is the perfect smoothness of the pedals. At any level of load, there are no dips in the movement.

Convenient load adjustment

Treadmill shock absorption system Orlauf Velocity Ambi
Ambi has a magnetic loading system. That is, the simulator does not need to be connected to the network and can be placed in any convenient place. There are 8 load levels. The load is changed with the help of a lamb located under the console - this is convenient, since you do not have to reach for the console during classes.
Orlauf Velocity Ambi treadmill shock absorption system
Orlauf Velocity Ambi Treadmill console and computer

Exercise bike, comfortable for everyone

Console and treadmill computer Orlauf Velocity Ambi
It is important to us that training sessions are comfortable for all Ambi customers. Therefore, the model has a wide seat with horizontal and vertical adjustments. And the straps on the pedals can be fixed tighter or weaker, depending on the fullness and size of the foot.

All characteristics of Ambi

Maximum user weight
120 kg
Loading system
Load levels
Flywheel weight
9 kg
Power supply
does not require a network connection
Training programs
Seat adjustment
vertical, horizontal
Steering wheel adjustment
Pulse measurement
touch sensors
LCD display
Transport rollers
there is
Floor unevenness compensators
Dimensions of the simulator
86 cm
44.5 cm
140 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
78.5 cm
25 cm
60 cm
Net weight
23 kg
Gross weight
26.60 kg
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